a load-bearing shaft

here is baby he was promiscuously dangling the thought he is a little load-bearing ingenue


autocratic automaton compress / decompress contrasting & expansive data packets reconfiguring self


unshare history delete cache unhide reconfigure self

fig. i: authenticating self

this is the bow this is the passage this is the primary alchemy no one will like us everyone likes us gone

the artifacts of being watched

there r eyes like cotton swabs in the night sounds revealing day
scurrying amidst the clatter of motion pictures scored with cello solos
heads aloft soft pillows wishing sweet dreams 2 children of our past
prop thoughts 2 serve as all-spice on 6 of the 7-courses with featured entrees
feasts of us r the simple feedings
our time is running out
inspired 2 unravelled
looking @ the horizon for the first sign of light
baggage settled curb-side
hoping the innocence leaving returns upon departure
depleted from an unknown origin
but salvageable
& i would like to accommodate it


somehow a bee dancing in the park is scary

peace of pretty

trying to find calm
its the most beautiful calm

central depression

my head splits open & the central depression alleviated its pressures i found some of the roots & mainstays the causes the creases & the room temperature catalogued portions of my brain the feeling as though i have been collecting the refuse of a sample-sized lifestyle here there and there

low birth weight

young dumb and cannot pull out

fig. ii: machination manipulation modulation modification

slut up the hair 4
this little rabbit can only imagine power
still reprocessing healing & bleeding self
mauled a self in2 something else
coming 2 prove whatever

no 1 is like us
everyone will like us